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User Guide


Elegant booking (EB) started out as a scheduling tool and scheduling is still a core feature. After you create an EB account you automatically get a calendar to work with.

A quick overview

Create time slots -> Share the calendar -> Review bookings -> Done!

Creating time slots

On the calendar page click on the date with a (+) sign to enter the Time-Slot Composer mode. Time-Slot Composer allows you to create several time slots at once: specify starting time, duration per time slot and how many slots you want in a row.

You can specify the name and description for the time slots as well as the location where those will be taking place. The number of bookings that the time slot can accept defaults to 1, but you can set a higher number for group appointments.

When you are done, click 'Go!' and you should see the time slots you just created in your calendar.

Sharing the calendar

After creating several time slots you can share your calendar with the people that will be booking those slots. Elegant booking has a public version of your calendar that is accessible to everyone that has the secret link to it. You will find this link at the top right corner, just underneath the menu bar.

Copy the secret link and send it to your students or clients. After they submit their bookings to the timeslots you can review them.

Before sending the link, though, you might want to get more comfortable with how the system works. You can start by clicking on the secret link to inspect the page that your students or clients will be seeing. Note: past appointments are not displayed on this page. Experiment with the system by clicking on 'Book...' and enter your name. After submitting the form, your first booking should be visible on the public page. That's the experience your students will have using this page.

Reviewing the bookings

After someone submits a booking to a timeslot it becomes visible on your calendar. As it might be difficult to keep track of all the incoming bookings when the number of timeslots increases, Elegant Booking offers a Review Bookings feature. This allows you to manually review each incoming booking and, possiby, assign to any of student or client profiles you might have created. See: People and Profiles

TIP: Using your calendar app to view the timeslots from Elegant Booking

(*) also sometimes called Appointments or Events. This hopefully will be used more consistently in the future